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Global Studies Capstone Project:

Complete a capstone project that reflects your learning in at least one of the main themes of the program.  

War on Peace:

From Colonization to Refugees


“How have ongoing conflicts in Africa, Asia, and Latin America contributed to the refugee crisis, and what strategies can be implemented to address the complex needs of displaced populations?”

My thesis:

In the post-colonial period, the powers of the West have left countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America in economic, political, and environmental instability, along with both international and civil wars, which has contributed to the current refugee crisis; therefore, countries that have been colonized require humanitarian aid and economic support from their past colonizers. 

Product 2: Multi-media collage

My vision for this collage was to bring a holistic perspective on the current state of the world while referencing specific situations. Through this piece I hope for my audience to gain a clearer understanding of the human struggle. 

Read my full artist statement here.

Product 3: Free Verse Poem


This free verse poem encapsulates the image and perspective of the young generations of today's world, humans of all backgrounds and upbringings understanding the common struggle of our current world.

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